Thursday, October 20, 2011

How To Make A Train Kite

Learning how to make a train of kites is a brilliant hobby to take up. A kite train is beautiful to look at and is completely customizable. Although learning how to make a kite train takes less than five minutes, decorating the kite train easily takes up the most time. There are also pre-made kite train kits available if you have no patience to create the kite train yourself. You can even customize and decorate your kite any way you like using a kite train kit.

To make a kite train, you will need:

  • 6 to 12 simple pre-made sails
  • Tape
  • Bamboo reeds
  • Flying line (328 feet)
  • Thin string (50 feet)
  1. Spread the kites one to three feet apart. Measure the amount of string needed to connect each kite. Tape the string into place in the center of each kite.
  2. Thread the line in the center of each kite. Thread the line through the center of the tape and through each kite.
  3. Make a loop on the horizontal corners of the kite with the thread. Once looped, hook another piece of thread through the loophole and carry it through the opposite side and through to the next kite. Continue looping and threading until all kites are completed.
  4. Tape the kite tails. The tails for each create an additional visual effect. Performing this step is not crucial to flying your kite train. Create a train using steamers or strips of colored plastic. Staple the train to the end of the bamboo on the kite.
  5. Decorate the kite. The kites look best when designed with spray paint. If there is no spray paint available, using the colored streamers will suffice.
  6. Create a box for the kite. The kite will fly out of the box in the right winds. One by one, each kite will begin flying.
  7. Anchor the kites. In high winds, the kites may all leave the box at once. This forces the box to move with the kites. To prevent this from happening, ensure there is a weight in the box that will hold it in place.

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