Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 Easy to Use Techniques on How to Kiss a Girl

After teaching dating advice techniques for over 3 years in 38 countries around the world, a common question I always get is how to kiss a girl?

What follows are my top 7 tips that can help you in any situation.

1. Get physical first.

-One of the main reasons guys think it’s a big step to kiss the girl is because they haven’t even initiated any sort of physical touch with the girl before going for the kiss.

Start with a playful hug, or maybe it’s just holding her hand as you walk around.

This will make the transition much smoother.

2. Cut the Space.

-The easiest way to transition towards the kiss, is just start talking to her closer. You can then see if she backs off, or leans in.

If she’s all about it, go for it!

3. Know the right signals.

-There is an innate intuition all guys have when it comes to kissing a girl. You can just feel the moment. Whenever that thought arises, “Should I be kissing her?”

You should probably kiss her. The only way you will fine tune this intuition is by testing it, so whenever you feel it, go for it!

4. Escalate the Kiss.

-It is very rare that when you go in to kiss her, it is going to be a full blown makeout from the very beginning.

More often than not, it starts out with just a peck on the lips. Then escalates towards a more serious makeout session.

5. Keep it playful.

-Don’t make it a serious moment, the more you can be having fun, the less logical the whole situation is. Keep it fun and playful, and everything will happen much smoother.

6. The Ear to Ear Move.

-Hehe, this one is smooth. Basically you go in and speak into her ear. Then at some point transition to the other ear, stopping in between to see if she backs away.

If she doesn’t back away, go in for the kiss!

7. Use privacy

-Any sort of escalation, moving the interaction forward is best done in privacy where there is no one else around.

This makes her more comfortable because she doesn’t have the social pressure of other people staring.

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